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A home inspection ensures that your home is ready for buyers and can help you address any major and minor repairs in a cost effective manner; set your asking price based on your findings; and avoid last minute disruptions to completing a sale.

Through our infrared-enhanced and comprehensive Total Home Inspection all of the major components (electrical, plumbing, structural, HVAC, roof, etc.) of the home you wish to purchase will be assessed. Then we'll go further to examine various other issues which can affect the comfort, safety and long-term satisfaction of owners.

Total HI can be used for a
Seller/Pre-Listing Inspection or Move-In Certified Seller Inspection.

All Total Home Inspections for sellers include our 120-Day Warranty and these free gifts:

Recall Check (alerts you of any appliance manufacturer recalls)
Now That You've Had A Home Inspection (a home maintenance book that's an excellent resource for home owners)

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