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Light Commercial Inspection

Our Light Commercial Inspection is an infrared-enhanced comprehensive inspection of smaller size commercial use properties such as storefronts, churches, offices, restaurants, various low-rise buildings, etc.

Many Light Commercial buildings are constructed similarly to homes but often have different roofing materials and the electrical and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are more advanced.

Business owners can benefit greatly with a comprehensive inspection which can help in deciding whether a building best suits their needs and budget. Typically, when purchasing a commercial property or moving your business into one, the general concerns are:

• Does the roof leak?
• How old is the air conditioning system?
• Are there leaks in the plumbing system?
• Is the electrical system adequate?
• Are there unsafe conditions?
• What is the overall condition of the structure of the building?

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When you choose Four Walls Inspections, one of our inspectors will work with you to develop a Scope of Work which will outline the requirements of the inspection. This will include determing if there's a need for specialty inspectors, consultants and/or engineers and the cost associated with such services. During the inspection an infrared thermal imaging camera will be used to inspect all the standard components, systems and areas of your property as proposed in our Commercial Standards of Practice.

Our inspectors can also conduct a Limited-Scope Inspection focusing on a specific area(s) of the property.

This service is for small to medium-large size commercial real estate of up to 10,000 sqft.

Reports are ready within 2-7 days depending on size and scope of work and will include many photos to help you better understand particular conditions in the report.

To get started, you may
schedule your inspection online. To ask any questions, please email us or call 404-692-5420.

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