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DeKalb Low-Flow Plumbing Fixture Inspection

We provide low flow compliance verifications for both home buyers and sellers.

Properties built prior to 1993 in unincorporated DeKalb County must have low flow plumbing fixtures installed upon resale before the new owner can obtain water service from the Watershed Department. This requirement is based on DeKalb's Inefficient Plumbing Fixtures Replacement Plan Ordinance (or Low Flow Ordinance).

Certificate of Compliance for Buyers
Our inspectors can verify whether your new residential or commercial property has plumbing fixtures which comply with the Low Flow Ordinance guidelines. If your property meets the necessary standards, you'll immediately receive the Certificate of Compliance required by DeKalb County to turn your water on.

Compliance Voucher for Sellers
Sellers must inform buyers of the Low Flow Ordinance as part of the disclosure and/or sales contract. We offer Compliance Vouchers to help avoid last minute price and/or other renegotiations due to buyer concerns about the home's potential non-compliance and the related costs. A seller can then provide the voucher along with the disclosure to assure buyers that the home's plumbing fixtures fully comply with the ordinance. Upon closing, the new home owner may then use their voucher to request a Certificate of Compliance from us at no cost.

All properties must meet these requirements:
Toilets: 1.6 gallons per flush max.
Urinals: 1.0 gallons per flush max.
Shower heads: 2.5 gallons per minute max.
Bathroom/Lavatory faucets: 2.0 gallons per minute max.
Kitchen faucets: 2.2 gallons per minute max.

To facilitate the replacement of inefficient toilets in unincorporated DeKalb, the county has a rebate program through which you can receive $50-$100 each for up to 3 replacement toilets. Learn more

Prior to the Inspection
Before the inspection date, the owner must check whether the plumbing fixtures in their property meets the necessary guidelines and replace any that do not. Afterwards, they should schedule an inspection with us. Upon inspection, if all the fixtures are compliant, the owner will receive a Certificate of Compliance or Compliance Voucher. If any non-compliant fixtures are found, the owner must have them replaced and schedule another inspection.

If any of the following applies to your property, you should submit an Exemption Form with your water application:

Located in an incorporated section of DeKalb County (Click HERE to check your property's incorporation status. The Tax District field will state "Unincorporated" if the property is in unincorporated Dekalb. If incorporated, it will state the city name.
Built on or after January 1st 1993
Advertised as a foreclosure sale
Transaction is between spouses or parent(s) and child
Property is to be demolished upon purchase
Plumbing fixture replacements would cause the owner extreme hardship as defined in the ordinance ($1000 or more for single family residences or $2000 or more for commercial buildings)

Convenient & Affordable Service
Your Low-Flow Inspection can be stand-alone or added to a Total Home Inspection or Light Commercial Inspection for a great price. The service is also available even if you're too busy and not at home. All we need is your door lock code or other instructions for gaining entrance. Upon completing your inspection, your certificate or voucher, if eligible, will be left in the home and/or sent via email.

Useful Information
Plumbing Fixture Replacement Guide
Water/Sewer Service Application
Seller Disclosure Form

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