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Structural Engineer Inspection

Our licensed Engineers inspect buildings in Metro Atlanta to assess and report any issues related to its structural integrity.

Usually, if there is an indication that something within the structural components of a single family site-built home or commercial building may not be safe or sound, then a thorough examination by a licensed engineer is commonly required. We provide accurate, conclusive and unbiased engineering reports to ensure safety and conformance.

Our structural inspections are based on sound engineering principals and proven methods of documenting and collecting data on-site. Utilizing the latest in visual inspection, non-invasive / non-destructive examination (NDE) and engineering analysis, our licensed engineers analyze site-specific data to identify structural defects & damages; non-compliant and non-conforming issues; costly remediations; and potential catastrophic failures-in-the-making to include:

Cracked foundations
Leaning and bulging foundation walls
Settlement issues
Retaining walls issues
Cracks in plaster or drywall
Basement and crawlspace issues
Water intrusion or drainage issues
Sagging floors and ceilings
HUD/FHA, VA and Conventional loan compliancy issues
and more...

Residential & Commercial Inspections
The structural inspections we perform assist you with important decision making to include determining repair needs, costs-to-cure, origin-and-cause or simply the next course of action. Our clients include individual residential or commercial property owners as well as REO/HUD asset managers, real estate agents, lenders and insurance companies.

Client Consultation
Upon making an appointment for a Structural Inspection, one of our professional Engineers may contact the client if they need to collect further information that will enable them to offer the best assessment and pricing for the service. Occasionally, a project may require an on-site visit in order to obtain necessary facts about the building and clarify the needs of the client. On-site Consultations require a fee which is subtracted from the Structural Inspection price if the service is provided by our engineer the same day while on site.

Upon completing the inspection, a stamped report/letter will be delivered via email within 2-4 days depending on the size, complexity of the project and volume of clients. Do you need faster service? Request an Expedited Report and get it back within 24 hours.

To get started, you may schedule your inspection online. To ask any questions, please email us or call 404-692-5420.

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This service is listed under Category #6 (Engineering Services) in our scheduling form.
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