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Total Home Inspection is an infrared-enhanced comprehensive inspection packed with the valuable services you need to confidently buy or sell your home.

Total Home Inspection can be utilized as a:

Buyer/Pre-Purchase Inspection
Seller/Pre-Listing Inspection
•  Move-In Certified Seller Inspection
Builder Warranty/11th Month Inspection
Maintenance Inspection
•  Final Inspection for New Constructions

Types of homes inspected include Single Family, Townhome, Condo, Mobile/Manufactured and Multi-Families (2-4 units). For larger properties, see Multi-Unit Building Inspection. We also offer Light Commercial Inspections and Rental Inspections.

Reports are ready within 24 hours (or up to 48 hours during the weekend) and will include many photos to help you better understand particular conditions in the report.

Total HI includes:

General Inspection

This service covers all the major components, systems and areas of your home as proposed in our Standards of Practice. This includes an average of 500 items in the following categories. Also, using an infrared thermal imaging camera, the primary areas of the home will be scanned to detect hidden issues such as moisture that can lead to mold, plumbing leakages, overheated circuits, inadequate insulation, infestations, etc. 

•  Exterior   •  Roof  
•  Interior  •  Heating 
•  Plumbing •  Cooling 
•  Electrical  •  Structure & Foundation 
•  Attic, Insulation & Ventilation  •  Fireplace 




Wood Destroying Organism Inspection

While conducting your overall home inspection, the inspector will also be checking for typical signs and conducive elements of wood destroying organisms such as termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, dry rot fungi, etc. This service acts only as an unbiased preliminary inspection to help you learn of any potential WDO related activity in your home. You may request a Termite Inspection for an extra charge if a Termite Letter is required or you prefer it.


Appliance Inspection w/ Recall Check

The inspector will check the operation of your home's built-in kitchen appliances to include electric/gas range, cooktop, oven, microwave oven, range exhaust vent, dishwasher, garbage disposer, trash compactor, etc. Additionally, the model and serial numbers for all appliances will be documented for easy access when requesting service and/or utilizing the Recall Check service included with your home inspection.

Add-ons (extra charge applies)

Total HI Plus includes a Termite Inspection w/ Letter for only $79 extra (You save $20).

Termite Inspection

Hurry! Limited time offer. Learn more

Radon Test Kit

Radon is a dangerous radio-active gas that you cannot see or smell and it could be in your home. It's the second cause of lung cancer and kills 21,000 people every year in the US. Testing is the only way to know if radon is in your home. Keep your home and family safe by including a high quality Accustar Radon Test Kit with your inspection. Learn more

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspections can provide potential home buyers, owners and renters with reports outlining both any existing damage or infestations and areas that are liable to incur future infestations. An official Termite Letter will be provided by our licensed specialist and we'll include a free 90-Day Termite Protection Plan. Learn more

Mold Inspection

Mold is a common concern for home buyers and sellers since certain types can cause costly damages to a home's structure and affect the health of occupants. If you'd like to learn about the level of mold growth in a home, a Mold Inspection with or without mold testing can be included with your inspection. A free 90-Day MoldSafe Warranty is provided with this service. Learn more

DeKalb Low-Flow Plumbing Fixture Inspection

This service is for buyers and sellers of residential or commercial buildings built before 1993 in an unincorporated section of DeKalb County who must meet the plumbing fixture efficiency ordinance standards before receiving water service. Upon inspection, if eligible, the Certificate of Compliance required by the Watershed Department will be provided. Learn more



Move-In Certified Seller Inspection

Sellers can attract more potential buyers and sell their homes faster with Move-In Certified. When added to a home inspection, this program provides the helpful resources home owners need to successfully list their homes and come out a winner in our competitive real estate market. A free lawn sign, marketing materials and more is included. Learn more

Complimentary Items 


All Total HI Buyer/Pre-Purchase Inspections include a 90-Day Warranty and our Seller/Pre-Listing Inspections come with a 120-Day Warranty which can be transferred to their buyer.

Also, you'll receive a free Recall Check account and a copy of ''Now That You've Had A Home Inspection'', an excellent home maintenance book that's especially useful to first time home buyers.



To get started, you may schedule your inspection online. To ask any questions, please email us or call 404-692-5420.


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